Making Decisions – No Victims Here

In our Facebook, Live Stream tonight, the topic is on making decisions that serve you well and not everybody else who would love you to work full time on their responsibilities and challenges. I have come up with a few questions to ask yourself when you find a decision is hard to come by. I do hope these issues open your creative thinking. These are great journal prompts where you can go into your past to learn how to shape your future.

Here is we go;

1 What decision have you made in the past that you liked? What did you like about it?
2 What decision did you make in the past that you didn’t like or it didn’t work out for you? What was the decision-making process you used and what did you not like about it?
3 What decision did you make that surprised you? What did you gain by making that decision? What did you lose by making that decision?
4 How do you feel in your body? What is your body telling you?

Judy Mackenzie

I am an experienced mindset coach, author and speaker. I work with women who want more clarity in their lives and are looking to make "Act II" a great one. Women who have worked with me feel calmer as they are able to put life in perspective while staying out of negative mind game traps that rob them of their self-confidence.

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