Silencing Your Inner Critic

Tonight we are talking about “Silencing Our Inner Critic.”  Our inner critic is thoughts that we have become very attached to which isn’t always good.  Some of these attached thoughts are actually sabotaging our happiness and success every day.  I have incorporated some of Bryon Katie’s very clever work to provide some additional resources to tackle our inner critic that is the result of beliefs that are not working for you anymore.

To be a success in your business, your relationships and everything else that you touch, you must eliminate these harmful inner voice critiques.  The only way to that is to understand what these beliefs are, why do you hold onto them, and most importantly, are they even true. This is Bryon Katie’s latest work.  (in full disclosure, this is an affiliate link to Amazon but it doesn’t change the price in any way)

Judy Mackenzie

I am an experienced mindset coach, author and speaker. I work with women who want more clarity in their lives and are looking to make "Act II" a great one. Women who have worked with me feel calmer as they are able to put life in perspective while staying out of negative mind game traps that rob them of their self-confidence.

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